President: Jessica Pang-Parks

My name is Jessica Pang-Parks and I am TAVA's 2018-2019 President. I have over eight years of experience in volunteer engagement and currently work as a Senior Specialist, Volunteer Engagement at the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Through TAVA, I have met inspiring colleagues in our sector and have learned new skills for my professional toolkit. I'm very excited to continue networking and developing through this organization. In my free time, I enjoy reading, gardening and trying new restaurants. When onboarding volunteers, I always tell them "Don't hesitate to speak up whenever you have a question, concern or feedback. We value your opinion and contribution" 

Past President: Heather Johnson

My name is Heather Johnson and I am TAVA's Past President.  I am in my second year in this role, having completed a two-year term as President.  Prior to becoming President, I served as Secretary and I have been Chair of the Bursary Committee.  I have worked in volunteer engagement for over 16 years and currently work as a Volunteer Engagement Coordinator with the Canadian Cancer Society.  I have been a member of TAVA since 2013.  My favourite movie is The Blue Brothers and my favourite snack is a toasted peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I always let volunteers know that "volunteering is a great way to learn what you love to do AND a great way to learn what you do not love to do. Volunteering is a journey, not a destination". 

Vice President: Candy Keillor

Passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, I entered the Not for Profit sector as a volunteer while running my own fitness, health & wellness company. I transitioned my career to Volunteer Management after recognizing the impact Volunteers have in our communities. I believe we all have the ability to improve our community by giving our time, our talent or our treasure! I look forward to making a positive contribution as part of TAVA’s executive team. 

Membership Chair: Nadia Sayeh

This is my third year in this role for TAVA. I am an entrepreneur and a visionary leader with over 6 years experience providing leadership, coaching, and support to staff and volunteer teams in the non-profit sector and recently graduated from Seneca College with a Post-Graduate Certificate in Non-Profit and Social Sector Management. I am a movie buff and I love food so it’s hard to have a favourite snack food; and the saying I use most when onboarding or working with new volunteers is, "Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else’s help.”

Membership Awards & Bursary Co-Chair: Marianna Salandra

Hey! I’m one of TAVA’s two Program Chairs. This is my second year in my role, but my fifth consecutive year as a member. One of my main responsibilities is to ensure we provide members with enriching workshops, if you think you’ve got what it takes feel free to REACH OUT! I have 5 years of Volunteer Management from my previous role in the Not for Profit sector. Currently I am enrolled full time in a Marketing program at Humber College.  In my spare time I kick box, bike ride and rollerblade across the city. The saying I use most when onboarding or working with new volunteers is, “We’re in this together!” 

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Membership Awards & Bursary Co-Chair: Marie John

Marie John is my name and I am a super duper star. I am in my first year of a two year term as Program Co-Chair with TAVA. Being a member of TAVA for over 10  years and in volunteer management for over 12 years has given me the opportunity to meet inspiring individuals. I love being active which enables my body not to show the LOVE that I have for Jerk Chicken. When onboarding volunteers, I do let them know that volunteering should be a benefit to the volunteer and the organization, not just the organization.

Donnett Bailey: Social Media Coordinator

My name is Donnett Bailey and I am TAVA’s Social Media Coordinator. I have engaged volunteers for just over 17 years now. And, I strongly believe in - and support - the work that TAVA does to promote civic and volunteer engagement in Toronto. Also, while I don’t have a favourite movie, I do have a favourite movie critic - Elwy Yost. Also, my favourite snack is freshly baked crusty bread, with avocado (I suspect that might technically be a meal though). Finally, when onboarding volunteers, I always make sure that I say “THANK YOU”!

Tracy Ford: Secretary

My name is Tracy Ford and I am TAVA's Secretary. I have over thirteen years of experience in volunteer engagement and currently work as a Volunteer Services Coordinator at The Children's Aid Society of Toronto. TAVA inspires me through the connections with my peers in the community and the professional development enhances my work in Volunteer Management; I am excited to be part of a community  dedicated to volunteering and volunteerism.  In my free time I enjoy learning, volunteering, and cooking. When onboarding volunteers, I tell them that they are a welcome part of a community working on a important cause

Lucy Schmidt: Webmaster

Being the volunteer coordinator for a soup kitchen during university was the best part of university. Then, I never dreamed that managing volunteers could be part of my profession. Now I help manage a volunteer database for promotional events at the YMCA of Greater Toronto and am the program coordinator for the Marketing and Communications department. Being on the TAVA exec has helped me grow as a professional in ways I could never have imagined! I feel very fortunate to serve on the exec with such a professional and passionate group of individuals. 

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