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Every year, over 80 Volunteer Engagement professionals from across the Greater Toronto Area join TAVA for professional development and networking. Whether they are new to the sector or veterans in the profession, all TAVA members have experiences, ideas, and resources to share.

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Hilary Kellam

Thank you Hilary for volunteering on TAVA's 2018-2019 Conference Committee with Christopher Boyle and Mimi Lee! 

OrganizationOperation Smile Canada

RoleCoordinator, Volunteer & Student Programs

What are you most excited about for the #TAVAMissionPossible Conference? "I am looking forward to witnessing our theme, Mission:Possible, come to life as we listen to our AMAZING Speakers, connect with one another and share our stories."

"Through TAVA, my passion for working in the volunteer sector has expanded."

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Christopher Boyle

Thank you Christopher for volunteering on TAVA's 2018-2019 Conference Committee with Hilary Kellam and Mimi Lee! 

Organization: Evergreen

Role: Coordinator- Volunteer Engagement

What are you most excited about for the #TAVAMissionPossible Conference? "I'm really looking forward to hearing inspiring stories from presenters, and attendees, about how they were able to redefine challenging situations into stories of success and innovation."

"Each time TAVA gathers, I am inspired by the diverse scope of experience, unique perspectives, and dedication to making a difference, that we collectively share."

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Lori O'Neill

Organization: Distress Centres of Toronto

Role: Volunteer Coordinator

Why TAVA? "I learn valuable things from TAVA, which I sometimes use in my career or my own volunteer work. Even one "nugget" from a workshop can be worth the time it takes to attend."

"Be open to change. Question those new ideas, procedures, policies, etc., but don't resist them just because they're new. As I learned in a TAVA workshop, most change is uncomfortable at first, yet so much can be gained by giving yourself time to adjust."

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Ambrose Fan

Organization: Shelter Movers of Toronto

Role: Volunteer Services Administrator

Why TAVA? "It gives me access to workshops and opportunities to network. The first workshop I attended was about safer spaces and meaningful inclusion for 2SLGBTQ+ volunteers. I took away some great tips, and was really impressed with the expertise of the TAVA membership."

"Volunteering isn’t just something nice people do in their spare time. This is a workforce. Volunteers may be unpaid, but they are ‘real’ workers for a simple reason: their work is real. And their needs and rights are real."

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Denise Smith

OrganizationThe LIFE Institute 

Role: Manager, Volunteer Services

Why TAVA? "Aside from the workshops that are provided, TAVA has created a community of like-minded people who are all willing to support each other."

"My advice to someone looking to take the next step is to be ready for an exciting, challenging, humorous, and rewarding experience."

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Diana Church

Organization: Operation Smile Canada

Role: Director, Volunteer & Student Programs

Why TAVA? "The tools, resources and workshops available to us have been invaluable. Most importantly, TAVA makes it easy to connect with incredibly talented and passionate Volunteer Management professionals."

"I highly recommend connecting with other volunteer engagement professionals through TAVA and other associations for the nonprofit sector. Not only will you feel a sense of community but there is also a wealth of knowledge through experience that exists within these networks."

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Adriane Beaudry

Organization: Heart & Stroke Foundation

Role: Manager, Volunteer Engagement Strategy

Why TAVA? "Connecting with others in this sector is vital. Often we're the only ones in our organization that does what we do so having a strong network of colleagues to share resources, knowledge and learnings with is vital to helping ensure we grow as professionals."

"Never forget to keep having fun! We're so lucky to be in a profession where we get to open doors to make incredible impacts in the lives of others. That's a great responsibility but doesn't mean we need to be serious all the time."   

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Richard Steinecke

Organization: Oasis Dufferin Community Centre

Role: President and Board Chair

Why TAVA? "A colleague said that you are a valuable organization."

"Never give up on volunteers who are going through a difficult time. Simply being there for them when they are ready to return can result in restored relationships and valuable assistance"

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