Renew Your Membership

TAVA Memberships are valid from October 1-September 30. As a volunteer-run organization, TAVA does not currently offer pro-rated memberships.

TAVA Members can renew their memberships at any time of the year. Please follow the four simple steps below to ensure "Active" status to the end of the following renewal period (e.g. renew on June 15, 2019 for "Active" status until October 1, 2020).

Step 1

Please log in to your account at and click the "person icon" on the top right. Then, select "View profile".

Step 2

Your membership details will pop up. Click "Renew to [end date of following renewal period will appear]"

Step 3

You will be directed to update your contact details. Please review for accuracy and click "Next"

Step 4

You will be directed to confirm your payment and select an option to "Invoice me" or "Pay online".

If you click "Pay online" you will be redirected to TAVA's online payment processor where you can complete the transaction with a credit card.

If you click "Invoice me" please arrange for a valid method of payment with the TAVA Executive Committee.

If you are paying fees by cheque, please bring the payment to an upcoming TAVA event.

As a 100% volunteer-run organization, and in an effort to keep member costs low (e.g. avoid paying PO Box fees), TAVA currently cannot accept cheques by mail. For further information, please email

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