TAVA is expecting a high number of workshop participants for June 13. Due to limited parking, we encourage participants to take public transit where possible. Please visit www.ttc.ca/ to plan your route. 

For those traveling by car: there is limited free parking available adjacent to TAVA's meeting space at Yonge Street Mission (306 Gerrard Street East). Paid parking at City of Toronto Green P lots is available at 51 Aberdeen Avenue and 405 Sherbourne Street.  

TAVA Member Spotlight

: Christopher

Organization: Evergreen

Role: Coordinator- Volunteer Engagement

Working in the Volunteer Engagement Sector for: 8+ years

Been a part of TAVA for: 2 years

"Each time TAVA gathers, I am inspired by the diverse scope of experience, unique perspectives, and dedication to making a difference, that we collectively share."

As someone working in Volunteer Engagement, how does TAVA help you?

TAVA is an incredible resource. It provides members with professional development opportunities. It also creates a safe space for members to connect, learn, consult with one another, share tools, and raise awareness about the sector and the important work we do as volunteer engagement professionals.

thank you for volunteering on the 2018-2019 conference committee! What are you most excited about for the conference?

At this year's Conference, I'm really looking forward to hearing inspiring stories from presenters, and attendees, about how they were able to redefine challenging situations into stories of success and innovation. Each time TAVA gathers, I am inspired by the diverse scope of experience, unique perspectives, and dedication to making a difference, that we collectively share.

what does volunteering on the conference committee look like?

I feel very fortunate to be working with such motivated and creative individuals on the Conference Committee. For this year's conference I wanted to ensure that diversity, accommodation and sustainability were at the forefront of our planning. We're hoping to make this conference as low-waste as possible through choosing biodegradable packaging and encouraging attendees to "lug-a-mug".

I also helped to create the branding and graphics we will be using to promote the conference across social media channels. We're a collaborative committee and I'm excited to share this experience with attendees.

What advice would you give to someone looking to take the next step in their Volunteer Engagement career?

My advice for someone looking to take their career in Volunteer Engagement to the next level would be to find your community (like TAVA!), or a mentor, to ask questions, share experiences/tools, and gain support. I think it is also important to remember that we won’t know what we are destined to do, until we take the leap and try. Who knows where it may take us.

When you're not working or volunteering with the conference committee, how do you like to spend your time?

When not working or volunteering, you might find me wandering around the city taking photos of unique and beautiful things, soaking up some live music, or dancing at my "Bodyjam" cardio class.

Published: December 2018
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