How to Reinvigorate a Legacy Team

Saskia Rinkoff recently stepped into the Manager of Volunteer Resources role at Habourfront Centre. Stepping into someone else’s shoes after they had been leading a group of loyal volunteers for more than 13 years can be challenging. About 30% of Harbourfront Centre’s volunteer team had been involved with the organization for up to 35 years. So, when she unexpectedly joined the team in the summer of 2018, the volunteers not only had to adjust to a different leadership style, but also come to terms with the fact that the organization was moving in a new direction. This resulted in the volunteer team feeling anxious, insecure, and somewhat detached.

Saskia with her extensive Volunteer Management experience used being the outsider to start fresh and slowly gain the legacy team’s trust, steering them in a new direction while introducing new roles and diversifying the team.

Participants will:

  • Learn the importance of listening and empathizing
  • Learn the necessity of ongoing communication between staff, volunteers and other stakeholders
  • Learn how to blend the old with the new

Saskia has extensive experience in Volunteer Management in the Arts and Culture sector. Her passion is to create and develop engaging and community-based volunteer programs that offer professional development opportunities for youth, adults and seniors alike with an emphasis on customer service, accessibility and inclusivity.

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